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We know things are not the same. The little things may have gotten bigger, and simple tasks often don't seem so simple. Magnolia Neuro Rehab is here to help improve performance in any area of life that is important to you. Our therapists are dedicated to improving muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, balance and overall function. We use technology and only evidence-based interventions to encourage neuroplasticity as well as manage pain and spasticity. 


Our therapists are skilled at providing the following treatments to increase performance with everyday tasks:

  • Custom orthotic fabrication

  • Neuromuscular stimulation

  • Balance training

  • Fine motor and gross motor coordination training

  • Cognition training

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

  • Energy conservation


Join us in our new Neuro Gym and meet your goals more quickly.

We understand that for neurological rehabilitation to be successful, we need to address the emotional, cognitive and physical aspects that have been affected by a brain injury or neurological disorder. Our therapists take the time during assessments to accurately pinpoint specific reasons for difficulties with daily tasks, and make sure that the treatment plan is always collaborative. Our goal is to be working on what is most important to you, every session

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