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We strive to provide a different kind of therapy experience.

All your appointments will take place in our soothing home-like environment with skilled therapists. You will always have one-on-one therapy. We do not believe in interventions that don’t progress your goals (i.e. “filler” activities). Our private pay business structure allows us to provide services in ways others can’t. Your entire session will be tailored to maximize your time with us.

Our ADL Lab allows us to combine skills learned in the Neuro Gym to be applied in real life settings. Want to get back to baking? Toileting independently? Safely taking a shower? Putting on your favorite shirt again? Or even grocery shopping? Let's go! We can teach you modifications to accomplish tasks now, while simultaneously improving function for better performance later. And we can do it all in the ADL Lab!


Our Story

Our team often talked about "the ideal clinic". It would be in a location that feels like home, not the hospital. It would welcome clients in all stages of life and recovery. It would use only evidence-based practice to meet goals quickly. It would strive to spend time, energy and funding to keep client's passions at the forefront of treatments. It would focus on the quality of sessions, not the quantity. And most of all, it would foster joy whenever possible. 

We set out to create this ideal clinic, and endeavor to build it, with you!

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