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Vision Therapy

Are you experiencing changes in your vision due to a neurological diagnosis or brain injury? Is this change impacting your ability to complete everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, or even performing at work? Strokes and concussions are often associated with a significant change in vision, and these changes can can be overlooked.  Blurred vision, double vision, visual cuts or ophthalmic muscle weakness can quickly impair our function with daily tasks as well as affect balance and safety.

Magnolia Neuro Rehab's therapists are trained to address conditions such as:

  • convergence disorders: eyes aren't "teaming up"

  • hemianopsia: visual field loss 

  •  visual inattention/neglect or gaze preference: no attention to one side of body/environment

  • diplopia: double vision

  • nystagmus: eye movement problems, often associated with "jittery" movements 

  • strabismus: eyes are not aligned

Image by Vince Fleming

Studies show that 90% of all traumatic brain injury patients suffer from visual dysfunctions

Reading at Home

Contact us today to schedule your vision therapy assessment. Let's get to work to meet your visual goals!

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